Our Mission

At NTSprint, we are committed to providing our customers with excellent services that help them achieve the best outcomes. We believe we can make a positive impact in our community, industry and the world which is why we enable Latin American engineers to break the cycle of poverty through remote employment.

We want to help you!

Excellent services to our clients

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We maximize your ideas!

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Our Services

We help to build your product end to end.

UX/UI design

Build mockups showing the flow of the app, including responsiveness, accessibility, logo design, etc.

Backend development

Build your software on the cloud or on premises interfacing with databases, storage and other services.

Frontend development

Build frontend interfaces in the web, mobile and windows clients. Focus on achieving pixel perfect.

Quality Assurance

Strong focus on quality through manual and automated testing, combined with product management verifying all tasks were completed.

Who we are

Meet the people that will help you to build your product.

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Eduardo Noriega
CEO / Co-founder
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Ivan Tandron
COO / Co-founder
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Marilu Luna
HR Manager
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Yoandry Leon
Principal Group Manager
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Oscar Cabrera
Principal Group Manager
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Pavel Mena
Principal Group Manager
And this is not all. We are more than 100 talented engineers ready to serve you.

To know more about us and our services.

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