Real Estate Automation Technologies is an undertaking with a custom software platform that offers its users the help they need to manage and expand their business.
Real Estate

Project details:

BHSVenture is a system for automating the process of buying and selling properties in the United States.

Problem and Solution:

The client wanted to create a system that could help users to manage all of their documents, photos, data, and tasks for every transaction, at every stage of their process, all in one place. For this reason, we developed a system that could do all the previously mentioned and also allow the collaboration between all parties to the transaction (title, contractor, etc.) with customizable, interactive tasks. Efficiently find, evaluate, negotiate, and close quality transactions as a buyer, seller, borrower, or lender.


  1. End-to-End Process Management
  2. Powerful Evaluation and Analysis Tools
  3. Document and Photo Management
  4. Buy and Sell Properties
  5. Online Financing
  6. Professional Network
  7. Institutional-Level Transaction Volumes


  1. Web Forms
  2. .Net
  3. JavaScript
  4. Azure Cloud
  5. SQL Server
  6. Selenium Web Driver

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