Big Fun Outdoor Recreational Toys

Big Fun Recreation is a group of outdoor enthusiasts with a common vision of sharing their recreational vehicles with others. This group is also a membership that provides rentals for those who want to experience boating, ATV’s and other outdoor activities.

Project details:

Web-based software to track rentals, memberships, accounting, etc.

Problem and Solution:

A startup in the Reno/Lake Tahoe area, specializing in boat and ATV’s rentals, faced operational challenges due to manual processes. The increasing volume of rentals and the need to manage memberships led to inefficiencies and potential customer dissatisfaction. To address these issues, our company developed a custom web-based solution. This comprehensive system streamlined rental and membership management, enhancing customer experiences and operational efficiency.


  1. Landing Web Page
  2. Account Management
  3. Member Asset CRUD
  4. Product Galery
  5. Details Product
  6. Search Product
  7. Client Profile
  8. Dashboard – Leased Vehicles – Client
  9. Dashboard – Own Vehicles – Members
  10. Dashboard – Leased Vehicles – Details Card
  11. Dashboard – Leased Vehicles – Details Card – Survey
  12. Dashboard – Leased Vehicles – Details Card – Reservation Cancel
  13. Finance Data – Client
  14. Emergency Contact – Employee


  1. ASP.Net Core
  2. MySQL
  3. React
  4. TailwindCSS

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