Heritage House ’76 is a Pro-life initiative where its team members work together in grace and truth to save and change lives because they believe each life is valuable to God. They do this by providing professional products and services, as well as tools and resources.
E-Commerce, Web Development

Project details:

A new website was implemented using the most advanced technologies.

Problem and Solution:

ProLife Project is born from the company’s need  to replace the current shopping site with a new version. The new site needed to be a custom site due to the special pricing structure and advanced coupons the clients would need. It has been developed with Blazor Webassembly and it is divided into an application to display the products and an application to manage.


  1. Coupons Manager
  2. Static Pages Manager
  3. Google Services integration
  4. USPS Integration
  5. UPS Integration
  6. Bin Packing Integration


  1. ASP.NET
  2. Blazor/Razor
  3. Dev Express
  4. Google Services
  5. Authorized.NET
  6. JavaScript
  7. SQLServer
  8. Azure Cloud

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