UnifySports offers users the experience of managing the basketball games they participate in and organize themselves in tournaments and leagues. From Unify it’s not only possible to invite friends and leave graphical evidence, but also to manage events from different places, with geographic location and the use of maps.

Project details:

A website for the administrators was implemented as well as two apps, one for the user and one for the administrator, allowing the website to be more dynamic and useful.

Problem and Solution:

The client requested an updated website that could facilitate the users’ activity. For the administrators we implemented a website and an app, that allows to add administrator users, and through them create and manage events. In addition, a client app was implemented for the players, from where they can access events that are displayed on the map, invite friends and collect all the necessary information for each game.


  1. Use of maps.
  2. Geolocation of addresses to create events.
  3. Creation of users by roles.
  4. Tutorial.
  5. Registration by QR code.
  6. Event time management.
  7. Registration and capture of videos.
  8. Video editing using AI.
  9. Sharing on social networks.
  10. Use of Stripe for payment.
  11. Real time communication with SinalR.
  12. Email notifications using SameGree
  13. Use of Twilio for SMS notifications.


  1. .net
  2. Flutter
  3. SQL Server
  4. Azure Devops

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